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Criminal Record for Foreigners in Cordoba, Spain: How to Get It

If you are a foreigner who lives in Cordoba; especially PETaL students, Spain, this is the easiest way to get the criminal record in Spain.

1. Make an appointment. (tel. 957 98 92 01 – OFICINA  DE REGISTRO). You can say: “Quisiera una cita para el certificado de antecedentes penales”.

2. Download the “TASA 790 – 006” (
You have to print the form individually since it will give the particular numbers. You should not copy the paper from the others.

3. Fill it in. (only the first page and in Spanish)

5. Pay in the bank or ATM (3,82)
How to pay: (at the BBVA ATM)
1. Change language to English; it is easier for those who do not know Spanish.
2. Choose “Transactions without card or bankbook.”
3. Choose “Payments.”
4. Choose “Bills, taxes, and others.”
5. Choose “With payment document.”
6. Choose “Enter data manually.”
7. Choose “Form790.”
7.1 No De Justificante : It is a rainbow section which shows different numbers in each form.
8. The rest of stages is to fill your personal information.
8.1. Taxpayer number is your NIE number.
9. The amount of payment is 3.82 euros.

6. Go to your appointment to give your documents (TASA, payment voucher, passport + NIE certificate OR TIE card, and another document that you can get from that place.)

They will register your data, and we will receive our certificates by email and with “apostille”.

Then, they will e-mail in a couple day.

Wish you luck 😀


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