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English Animal Guess Game

Let’s review your vocabulary!!! It is a guessing game. How to play; 1. look at the picture2. guess what animal is3. answer Easy, piecey right????

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Learn Turkish

Hello, as a PETaL Erasmus student, I am going to study in Istanbul in the 3rd semester; thus, Learning Turkish is required. So, I would like to share my vocabulary set in English-Turkish for those who desire to learn Turkish as well. You can read and practice them on Quizlet. Here is the link: […]

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how to write on a slide presentation while presenting on the google meet tap

Hello, I know you are freak out with my title. It’s kind of long. I couldn’t think of other names. Anyway, if you are looking for ‘how to write on a google slide while presenting’, you are in the right place too. Due to the spread of covid-19, many schools and colleges have no longer […]